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ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching

Personal & professional development for coaches


The ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program provides ICF coaches with the opportunity to receive coaching on an ongoing basis as part of their commitment to their own professional and personal development.

By giving coaching to one ICF coach, you can receive coaching from another ICF coach. In so doing, you pay for your coachingby giving coaching to another ICF coach and no longer need to pay financially for coaching sessions.

Instead, you now only need to pay a nominal coordination fee for the ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program to match you with a coach and a client and monitor each reciprocal peer coaching relationship through to completion. As a result, a series of coaching sessions now costs less than you'd normally pay for one session.

This process is not unlike buddy coaching, however because of the size and calibre of the ICF coaching community and the complex coordination process of the ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program, you are now much more more likely to receive just the right coach at just the right time.

The aim of the ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching program is to make coaching more financially accessible for coaches, thereby strengthening the ICF coaching community by supporting ICF coaches in their ongoing professional and personal development with the best means we know how - coaching!

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