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Who or what is ReciproCoach?


ReciproCoach provides a platform and process for reciprocal peer coaching. It is a fully coordinated program that ensures that all peer coaching occurs under an externally managed system that vets its members' training, monitors their conduct, resolves any problems and reviews feedback on every experience.

Reciprocal peer coaching programs, which are powered by ReciproCoach, utilize the power of a large community to provide more opportunities for more coaches to find just the right coach at just the right time, and for a fraction of the usual cost. ReciproCoach promotes and supports the integrity and longevity of a community of professional practice.

Originally known as Contra Coaching, the program started out in 2005 as an initiative of Kerryn Griffiths together with the local members of the Brisbane ICF chapter. It quickly spread nationally and internationally, after receiving support from ICF Australasia to become an ICF SIG (Special Interest Group).

During this time, participation was free for ICF members and before long, there were coaches from all over the world engaging in reciprocal peer coaching all year round. With this growing popularity, a website needed to be built to accommodate new coaches and manage all of the reciprocal partnerships and it required an increasing amount of time to coordinate. At this point the free program became a paid one, though it remains very financially accessible.

For more information about ReciproCoach and its reciprocal peer coaching, mentoring and supervision programs and other coaching resources, visit the ReciproCoach website.